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TSAB E-Bulletin March 2019

General Information

The Board last met on 14 Feb 2019.  Previous minutes from 18 Dec 2018 were approved:

Linda Lord from Middlesbrough Borough Council gave a presentation linked to the Tees All Age Autism Partnership which was introduced in 2017.  Arrangements are being refreshed locally in line with the development of a new strategy for this subject and considertation will be given on how best to link this partnership into existing safeguarding structures. 

The introduction of High Risk Panels for Self-Neglect in each Borough across Tees has been reviewed, with each Local Authority at varying stages of implementation, and using different models.  The Chairs from each of these groups will meet to share good practice and to decide if a consistent Teeswide model should be created. 

Due to the Government withdrawing GCSx email accounts the TSAB Concern Form has been updated.  The amended form can be found here: The TSAB SAR Notification Form has also been updated and all new SAR Notifications should now be submitted to

Communication and Engagement Sub-Group (CE)

The Board's Annual Survey will run until the end of March - Professionals are asked to help shape the Board's Strategic view.

A new Protecting Adults from Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Leaflet has been produced in conjunction with specialist service providers and other relevant partnerships working across Tees.  This was developed as part of the Board's response to the Operation Sanctuary review in  Newcastle, and launched at the South Tees Adult Safeguarding Champions Event on 27 Feb 2019, which also corresponds with public awareness raising work in local printed media.  The leaflet along with all of the Board's other free to download resources can be accessed here:

Learning, Training and Development Sub-Group (LTD)

The second Adult Safegaurding Champions Event will take place on 13 June 2019 (North Tees). The Board is particularly keen to hear from professionals working with marginalised groups who would like to become Champions.  All partners are asked to help promote this event:

New training dates have been added for Legal Literacy for Practitioners on 20 & 21 May 2019 and Making Safegurding Personal on 22 May 2019.  Places can be requested via the TSAB website:

A multi-agency Task & Finish Group has been created to develop the content and arrangements for the Board's next Conference.  The 'Understanding Exploitation Across Tees' conference will take place on 16 October 2019, will be being delivered in partnership with Cleveland Anti-Slavery Network and include topics relevant to safeguarding adults and children. The level of interest is expected to far exceed the available 150 places, so a targeted approach will be taken in promoting this event. 

The exisiting Virtual College (E-Learning) contract which is jointly held with the Local Safeguarding Children Boards in Tees has been a great success with the current 10,000 licenses having already been exceeded for this business year.  A further one year extension has been agreed to the contract. 

Operational Leads Sub-Group (OL) The Board's Self-Neglect Guidance has recently been reviewed.  This along with all other local Policies, Procedures and Strategies can be viewed here: A development session is planned for Operational Leads on 21 March; this will assist with the development of the Board's plans for 2019/20.
Performance, Audit and Quality Sub-Group (PAQ)

The Quarter 3 Performance Report has been published: the overall number of Concerns has decreased slightly, although there has been a significant increase in Section 42 Enquiries, which is in part due to improved and more consistent reporting.  Physical Abuse and Neglect & Acts of Omission continue to be the two highest recorded categories.

There has been a lot of activity and support provided through the Responding to and Addressing Serious Concerns (RASC) procedure with a number of care homes making the required improvements. 

Policies, Procedures and Practice Sub-Group (PPP) The work conducted by the Incidents Between Residents Task and Finish Group is now drawing to a close following the publication of a report on this subject. This recommended that a Prompt Sheet for Local Authority staff based on good practice in relation to the initial response to this type of incident should be adopted and that additional guidance should be created for care providers. 
Safeguarding Adults Review Sub-Group (SAR)

The Chair of the SAR Sub-Group (Helen Smithies) is standing down with Jill Harrison (Hartlepool Borough Council) taking over in the near future. The SAR Policy and Procedures have been updated to reiterate the need for Board members to check the quality of Notifications before these are submitted. An Exemplar Notification Form has been created to help with this and is published here:

A new SAR has been approved and will commence in mid-March 2019. The SAR Carol Action Plan is almost complete and will be signed off shortly. 

A short summary of learning from relevant regional and national SAR cases and other national information linked to SAR's is published bi-monthly and can be accessed here:


Please note: The content in this article is over one year old, there may be newer guidance available.

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