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Don't quack like a duck, soar like an eagle

I’ve been thinking about changing the name of this blog to the ‘inaccessible transport blog’! It just seems that every month I'm giving negative information about public transport in the UK! Well, not exactly ‘all change’ this month either!

Here's another little gem about how a family were mocked by staff when getting on a train.  I don't know who delivers their disability awareness training, but I would consider my fees as being very reasonable!  On a serious note, I don’t understand why this keeps happening


So, it’s no wonder that when research is carried out, you get feedback like this Now, if they’d asked me, it would have been two in four people!

You may recall from a previous blog when I talked about the consultation around the proposed changes to the Ward Boundaries?  Well, things have moved on a little since then.  Just click on the following link for more information

Here’s one for the history books!  Apparently, our friends at the DWP have actually admitted to underpaying Disabled People their payments under the Employment and Support Allowance (ESA). On average, people are owed around £5,000 each. You may want to print this article and hang it on your wall as it might be a while before you see its like again!

Take a moment to read this petition that wants to raise the profile of health staff receiving mandatory training on Autism and Learning Disability following the death of a young man called Oliver

This is by far my favourite story of the month.  It’s a short video about Roy, 94, who is living with Dementia and his beloved Notts County

A quick reminder about #purpletuesday when shops will, or should be promoting the UK’s Accessible Shopping Day.  If you own, work, or shop in Hartlepool, then please sign-up to the day by following the link

I hope you don’t mind me finishing this month’s Blog by letting you know that here at Incontrol-able CIC, we celebrated our 10th Birthday recently.  It’s been a fantastic journey so far and I’d like to take the opportunity to thank our Directors, staff (past and present), volunteers, stakeholders and the people who we have supported and met over the last 10 years.

Joke of the Month – Weasel for Sale, £30, or nearest Otter!

My wings are aching, the eagle has landed – see you next month!

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