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'Don't quack like a duck, soar like an eagle'

What a strange month June was! The first couple of weeks were dull and overcast, with the last couple having wall to wall sunshine! Definitely a game of two halves; which leads me nicely into the World Cup!

Here is a fantastic video of a Brazilian football fan who is both deaf and blind and how his friends, who are also his interpreters, share the moment they beat Costa Rica in the second round game. Click

I seem to spend a lot of time each month talking about access issues, well guess what - there is no change this month!  A 21-year-old man who has Cerebral Palsy and lives in Llanelli in Wales has spoken of his embarrassment of having to rely on his mother to support him when using public toilets, due to the lack of accessible toilets in the town. The local council said they have twelve months to review the situation, so I doubt that he will be going out for a couple of pints in the near future!

Whilst on the theme of access here is another old chestnut; should cars be banned from parking on pavements?  Some people don’t think of it as an issue, whilst others are dead against it, including me!  I suppose it depends which side of the street you are on! Click on this link to see the recent debate.  Click here.

Are you aware about the current consultation about the potential boundary changes for Wards within Hartlepool? (Sorry, this consultation is now closed).

Do you ever get frustrated, confused or annoyed by the use of jargon, because I do! Here is a link that will help you through the maze of jargon that you come across when discussing care and support issues. This A – Z has been compiled by ‘Think Local Act Personal’ (TLAP) and it is a really useful resource. One thing did confuse me however; the length of the link for something about jargon busting!  Click here.

As people who regularly follow our Blog may know that in November last year, we  lost our friend and volunteer Kim, who sadly passed away following a short illness.  At her funeral, her family and friends kindly donated £385 to Incontrol-able and we are now able to share what we are doing with the money given to us with the approval of her family.  Anyone who knew Kim knows that she loved people and music, so we have thought carefully about what we should do.

For the last few years we have sponsored a Junior Rugby Club in Cumbria on the understanding that they embrace the involvement of children with disabilities in their club.  This has been very successful and we will now be setting up an Annual Award of Achievement at the club in Kim's memory.


Secondly, we have created a new organisation, separate from Incontrol-able called 'Blue Rose Thinking CIC'.  We have made it separate from Incontrol-able because it will be able to do things that we can't and they have some fantastic new people involved.  Central to what it will be doing is the creation of a 'community choir' that will involve socially isolated and marginalised people, bringing them together through the power of music and improving their emotional well-being.  Please look out for Blue Rose Thinking over the coming months and offer your support - we're sure Kim would have loved it!

Joke of the Month! 

Archaeologists in Egypt have just uncovered a tomb close to the Great Palace of Alexandria.  They have unearthed a 200 foot pyramid made of solid chocolate.  Early indications are that it could be the burial site of Pharaoh Rocher!


My wings are aching and the eagle has landed – see you next month!

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