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Well, the long wait is nearly over, and we are going to get some football back on the telly on the 14th June. Yippee!!!!

Every month I seem to find a story about the difficulties disabled people face when travelling – and guess what -  I’ve found another one. This article is about a young man who’s been made late for work because no one came to support him off his train when he reached his destination. However, this time he actually streamed his experience live! Watch what happened by following the link

Here is a really interesting story about how people with Down Syndrome are helping researchers find a treatment for people with Alzheimer’s Disease. Take a minute to see how Amy is involved in the project.

I trust people are aware of the Motability Scheme and how cars are leased to disabled people to promote their independence – either as a driver, or with a nominated driver. The scheme works by disabled people getting a car in exchange for all, or some of their Personal Independence Payment, previously known as the Mobility Component of your DLA. It has just been revealed that the Chief Executive is on a salary of £1.7 million a year! I know Motability is a monopoly, but this person has definitely landed on Mayfair, and not the Old Kent Road!

I think this story will run for quite some time. A family are challenging a theme park as they do not provide a ‘Changing Place’ facility. The obvious solution to me appears to be that if the theme park provides this facility, then they will see an increase in the number of people requiring a ‘Changing Place’ toilet going to the theme park – and thereby increasing their access and visitor numbers. The ‘Changing Place’ will soon pay for its self. Simples!

I went to an excellent event recently, organised by the Newcastle Building Society called ‘Spam, Scams and Security’. It was a real eye-opener! There were some very interesting presentations from the Police, Trading Standards and the Victim Care Advice Service. They gave interesting examples of how people had been scammed, but also of how to reduce the risk of this happening to other people. This short video shows how easily people can be scammed over the telephone and the main page takes you into some very useful links.

Have you noticed how many people with disabilities have got through to the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent this year? The acts include people who use wheelchairs, a gentleman with Cerebral Palsy and people with Autistic Spectrum Conditions.  It’s refreshing that people are being voted for on their talent. This Blog is produced before the results are announced – so may the best person win!



Joke of the Month.

My friend is starting up a new business recycling chewing gum, he just needs some help getting it off the ground!

My wings are aching and the eagle has landed – see you next month!

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