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'Don't quack like a duck, soar like an eagle'

Have you heard the term ‘a random act of kindness’?  Today I gave Hazel, my PA, the day off later this month so she can watch the Royal Wedding and the FA Cup Final.  She is over the moon!  Well, it’s nice to be nice, isn’t it?

It’s really pleasing to know that someone with a bit of clout actually reads my monthly blog!  Following my comments in April, Government Ministers are outlining plans to improve the experience for Disabled People when it comes to travelling by air!  And here’s me thinking no one read my blog!

This is an interesting article from SCIE about the work of NICE exploring why people with Learning Disabilities and behaviours that challenge should be supported close to their homes.  I apologise for using acronyms, but the link to the article is long enough!   Click here to read more!

Another new guideline from NICE aims to ensure that people with learning disabilities are given the help they need to access a range of services as they grow older, so they can live healthy and fulfilled lives. It covers identifying changing needs, planning for the future, and delivering services including health, social care and housing.  I’ve just added the link to the ‘recommendations’, but it’s easy enough to navigate to the full report if you choose to do so.

Here’s an article from the BBC that you may have missed?  The article is about the impact of withdrawing the production of plastic straws, which some disabled people rely on to drink and there appears to be no suitable alternative at the moment. Surely, common sense will prevail?

Just in case you missed Lee, the ‘Lost Voice Guy’, who recently appeared on Britain’s Got Talent, here’s the link.  I wonder if we got together we could be a double-act?

Congratulations to actress Talia Grant, the first person with autism to be cast a role in a British TV Drama, namely; Hollyoaks.  You wouldn’t believe the number of non-disabled actors who have played the role of a disabled person in films and TV.  Can you think of any? 

The referral forms for both the Advocacy Hub and Project 65 are being updated to meet the guidelines of the new General Data Protection Regulations (EU) 2018.  As from 25th May we will be unable to accept older versions of the referral forms.  You can find the updated documents for advocacy referrals on our dedicated website 


Our fantastic Ricochet Project ends this month after three years.  I would like to thank everyone who has been involved from the early days when we supported the launch of the successful Hartlepool Now website, to all the people who loaned 'Tablets' and the people who referred to the project.  The good news is that my 'blog' is continuing!  Please agree that it is good news!


We can’t outshine the ‘Lost Voice Guy’, so no ‘Joke of the Month’ this time!  However, as a promise to Rachel before she goes on Maternity Leave!

                       Image result for i left my husband alone with the baby


My wings are aching, the eagle has landed!

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