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TSAB E-Bulletin November 2017

General Information

The Board last met on 18 October 2017. Minutes from 6 September 2017 were approved:
Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC) Review: The Police and Crime Commissioners Office (PCC) gave an update on the current strategy which is linked to domestic abuse cases.  This included a proposal to create a north and south Tees MARAC Panel to help make the system more efficient, although consultations linked to the review are still ongoing.

A mid-year review of the Board's Strategic Business Plan 2017-18 has been conducted and repored that neary all actions were on target, except those linked to the Prevention Task and Finish Group (see below).  South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Assurance Report: The Quality Assurance Framework submission was well presented and evidenced, and the positive feedback reflected the significant benefit drawn from the Trust being involved in previous evaluation panels of other agencies.  An update was provided on a new Quality Surveillance Group which covers the whole of Cumbria and the North East. 

Communication and Engagement (CE)

The Board's Annual Report 2016-17 has now been published and can be accessed here:

Board partner agencies are reminded there is a commitment to make this 'front page news' via their internal and external communication channels.  The consultation process required to complete next years' Strategic Business Plan and Annual Report has now also commenced.  Professionals are asked to complete the Annual Survey 2017-18 via this link:

The proposed Regional Radio Campaign for adult safeguarding awareness will be further discussed by partner agencies across the North East later this month, and will hopefully run for several weeks in early 2018. 

The Board's Prevention Task & Finish Group will focus on the research linked to removing barriers to reporting abuse, and improving engagement with harder to reach and marginalised groups.  The start is being delayed due to membership issues, but will opefully get underway later this month. The Stockton-on-Tees Adult Safeguarding Learning and Networking Event was successfully delivered on 2 October 2017 with over 30 relevant agencies, and 50+ professionals attending the event from across the Borough. The resources from this event can be access here:

Learning, Training and Development (LTD) Jill Harrison (Hartlepool Borough Council) has now taken over the Chair of the LTD Sub-Group having been appointed as the new Director of Adult & Community Based Services. A proposal has been developed with Virtual College to provide a joint E-Learning Portal with the Local Safeguading Children Boards. This will not provide any additional licences, but will include a wider range of courses (some not directly related to safeguarding), but at no extra cost. 
Policies, Procedures and Practice The new Inter-Agency Safegaurding Adults Guidance: Self-Neglect and Hoarding and Responding to and Addressing Serious Concerns (RASC) Policy and Procedure have been published by the Board: All professionals are asked to read these documents and use them accordingly 
Performance, Audit and Quality  Work is still ongoing to assess the methods being used across Tees to collect Making Safeuarding Personal outcomes and data.  This coincides with a national review curently being conducted, which will help inform how this is taken forward locally when completed. 
Safeguarding Adults Review (SAR)

The final version of the SAR 3 Action Plan was shared for approval.  This will be monitored by the SAR Sub-Group and will be signed off by the Board once complete. The SAR 3 Report (Carol) can be view here: :

The Board's SAR Decision Support Guidance has now been published: which will help with the consistency of approach in relation to this subject. 

Lessons Learned: A recent thematic (type) report based on 27 SARs published by the 30 London Safeguarding Adults Boards can be viewed here: This is the most comprehensive review of SARs to date since the Care Act came into force, and is therefore an important source of information for professionals. 


Please note: The content in this article is over one year old, there may be newer guidance available.

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