created by Incontrol-able published on 02 October 2017

It's great to be back for this month's Blog!  I've got a variety of updates for you this month - I've been reliably informed that it's the spice of life!

This is a scary article taken from Community Care for people in receipt of a Personal Budget.  In September, Luke Davey, a 41-year-old man who has Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy lost his High Court Appeal against the decision by his Local Authority to cut his Personal Budget by 42%.  I guess only time will tell if this was the correct decision! 

Here's an article from '5 Live Investigates' about the impact on Carers caused by cuts to Disabled child travel.  Some parents are having to reduce their hours at work, or quit their jobs to ensure their children get to school.  Some parents were actually paying for the transport, when it should be free! 

Here's something a little different!  A club in Manchester has put on a 'Rave' for people with Learning Disabilities and this short BBC video shares people's thoughts and their excitement about going along.  I wonder if any Bars, or Clubs in Hartlepool are up for it?  I don't think it's my cup of tea - anyone out there fancy a Frank Sinatra Sing-a-long night??

I recently had workmen in my house and it's amazing what you find on your mobile when they keep turning your electricity off!  I came across this documentary on the BBC iPlayer called 'Waiting for Work' and what made it so interesting is that it is about life in Hartlepool in 1963 in a time of high unemployment.  The documentary was made by Jack Ashley, MP and it gives a great insight into how people and families coped (or didn't) with unemployment and the impact it had on family and social life at the time.  It was interesting to see how much the town has changed, but other parts remain unchanged.  Well worth 45 minutes of your time.  Just follow the link and sign-in, or register to watch it on the BBC iPlayer. 

Our Ricochet service and Project 65 continue to support people with the loan of 'Tablets' so they can access the internet.  If you would like to catch up on why people use the services, please follow the link to our Facebook page

I thought I'd give you a treat this month by not giving you one joke, but lots!  This link is to a survey about the greatest 'one-liners' ever told - they're actually funnier than my jokes believe it or not!

My wings are aching and the eagle has landed - see you next month! 

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