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General Information 

The TSAB last met on 26 April 2017.  Previous minutes from 03 March 2017 was approved:

Lyn Romeo the Chief Social Worker for Adults (England) attended the Board meeting in April and gave an overview of ther role and priorities. 

Cleveland Fire Brigade provided an update on the joint work with the North East Ambulance Service. The pilot will continue until November 2017.  This will enable negotiations to take place with employees to determine if this work will become a core element of Fire Service business. 

The NHS England Cumbria and North East Learning Disabilities Mortality Review (LeDeR) pilot has progressed to full implementation. Detailed information and resources can be accessed here:

A verbal presentation was provided by Sue Smith the Manager for the Teesside Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC).  SARC works in partnership with Police, Health and other services to provide crisis intervention and continued support for approx. 700 victims of rape and assault each year.  More information can be accessed here:

Cleveland Police gave an overview of Operation Shield which is a review into Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse cases.  Work is ongoing in relation to information sharing/intelligence gathering and improving categorisation of cases. 

The Board's Strategic Business Plan 2017-18 has been finalised and published here: The key priorities are to further improve awareness and break barriers to reporting abuse & neglect. 

The Care Quality Commission gave a presentation outlining a new five year strategy which will mean services rated as outstanding or good will not be revisited (unless intelligence suggest otherwise) for 2 years; services rated as required improvement will be re-inspected within 1 year, and those rated inadequate within 6 months. Registration systems are being improved, and by 2020 all of this will be done directly online. 

Communication and Engagement (CE) Phil Lancaster Cleveland Fire Brigade (CFB) is standing down as the Chair of the CE Sub-Group & Deputy Chair of the TSAB with Dave Turton, also from CFB, taking over in these roles.  The Board's Annual CE Report has now been published and can be read here:
Learning, Training and Development

The Domestic Abuse and Adult Safeguarding Conference on 04 May 2017 was attended by over 100 delegates and speakers.  Resources linked to the event can be accessed here:                                            

The Board's Training Plan including e-learning resources continues to be developed and negotiated.  Resources including online training for Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA) can be accessed here: 

Policies, Procedures and Practice  The Board's Complaints Policy has been re-published: and a Risk Register for the Board is being developed and is nearing completion. 
Performance, Audit and Quality The Sub-Group will be considering the response to the Stategic Overview of Adult Safeguarding Teeswide Report at the next meeting in May. 
Safeguarding Adults Review (SAR) The Terms of Reference for the SAR Sub-Group have been slightly amended to ensure that learning from other processes such as the Serious Concerns Protocol is cascaded across Tees.  A mini-review of the SAR Policy and Procedures has been undertaken. 


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