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Your local doctor or GP (general practitioner) provides a wide range of services including:

  • advice on health problems
  • examinations and treatment
  • presciptions for medicine
  • referrals to social services and other health services.


Finding and registering with a doctor

To register with a GP you need to find a local practice that you can get to easily.  You can use the postcode search on the NHS Choices website to find your nearest GP practice.

Or, you can see a list of all of the GP practices in Hartlepool on the same website.

Once you have found a local GP, you need to get in touch with the practice and ask to register.  If you can not register with your chosen GP for any reason - for example, if you live too far away, or if they already have enough patients - you will have to choose another GP in your local area.


More information

The NHS Choices website has a large 'About NHS Services' section which answers frequently asked questions about GP surgeries and other health services.


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